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Several lawsuits against Xarelto manufacturers Bayer and Johnson & Johnson have been filed in courts around the United States. From seriously adverse side effects to sudden death in some cases, the drug has been linked to many people’s suffering.

One of the main claims of the lawsuits is that the companies behind the new blood thinning medication did not adequately warn the public of the risks associated of taking that drug. Although this is not the only list of failures stated in the claim, it is likely an important one.

According to some of the suits, Janssen Pharmaceuticals (the pharma division of Johnson and Johnson) and Bayer failed to fully study and research the safety of their new drug. The also state that the companies did not

  • offer appropriate warnings about risks to people’s safety
  • warn users on the box that uncontrollable bleeding was a possibility
  • warn patients or healthcare providers that the anticoagulation each user may experience differs.
  • adequately let the public know there was no antidote for the uncontrollable bleeding

There are also accusations that Bayer and Janssen withheld this important information and willfully endangered patients. The claims also state that the drug companies had a duty not to let users experience unreasonable and dangerous side effects. One of those side effects was sudden death according to certain suits.

Anticoagulants in general are considered dangerous forms of medication, but it may be the case here that Xarelto posed a much greater danger than the rest of the drugs out there. Another blood thinning medication called Warfarin (used for years before the development of Xarelto) required regular blood testing and strict control on a patients nutrition. Part of the appeal of the newer drug was that it was a “one-size-fits-all” version of an anticoagulant, not requiring such strict guidelines during use.

If you or a loved one has experienced any serious negative side effects from the use of Xarelto, you should contact a Xarelto lawyer immediately to see if you’re entitled to compensation. You can learn more about the xarelto lawsuits and xarelto lawyers by clicking here.